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Little Hinges



You know what they say about little hinges.


Little hinges swing big doors. 


President's Day

In honor of President's Day, I did a little research on President Lincoln's Gettysburg Address​.

Lincoln delivered his speech during the American Civil War at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, on the afternoon of Thursday, November 19, 1863.

Sailing Fast



When is a sailboat going the fastest?


You might guess that the boat is at its fastest speed when the wind is right behind the boat, pushing at the sails.


But that is not the case.


Dial It Up

I often times see people dial down their own power when they are around the Power personality.


Not only is this ineffective, it is a huge turn-off to the Power person.


When they sense someone dialing down their power they are sure to go around them, go through them or just flat out find someone else to work with.

Listen Up!


Do you wish people would listen?


Your kids, your spouse, your colleagues, whomever...


I would guess that you want them to listen!


So what does it take?  What needs to happen for them to listen?

The Year of No


This year let's all get good at saying "no" to the things that we need to say no to.

Pay Attention


In 2019 I encourage you to pay attention to your attention.


Who and what will get your attention?  


Who and what are not worthy of it?.

What's Invited?


Each January 1st we are given the gift of a clean slate.​


It's a new beginning.  A fresh start.  Everything's possible.


Now it's your turn to decide what gets invited to 2019 and what gets left behind.


There are things that worked in 2018 and things that did not.  There are relationships that worked in 2018 and those that did not.

Your Greatest Gift


This Holiday season, give your loved ones a precious gift - your attention.​


Author Linda Stone coined the phrase "Continuous Partial Attention" back in 1998 at the dawn of the information age.


Stone describes "CPA" as is the of paying simultaneous attention to a number of sources of incoming information, but at a superficial level.

Less Stuff


This week I heard about a study that showed 95% of adults couldn't remember what they got for Christmas last year. 


I have no idea if it's true but let's pretend that it is.

Pressure vs. Anxiety


There's a difference between pressure and anxiety.


Pressure is a good thing.  It forces you to raise your game and play at your best.  It causes focus and intensity.


 Many of our very best results come when we feel pressure.

Like the Olympics


Are you ​approaching 2019 like it's the Olympics?


Do you see yourself as an Olympic Athlete preparing for a big moment in your life?


No matter what it is you want to do in 2019, you have the chance to view next year like it's your Olympics.

Mood Not Market


Don't tie your mood to the market.​


Make your mood independent of the market.


You are in charge of your mood and, unfortunately, you are not in control of the market.

Other Praising


Here's something to get you ready for Thanksgiving.  It's an article I read in the Harvard Business Review about gratitude.​


Researchers Sara Algoe, Laura Kurtz, and Nicole Hilaire at the University of North Carolina distinguished between two types of gratitude expressions: other-praising, which acknowledges and validates the actions of the giver, and self-benefit, which describes how the receiver is better off for having been helped.

Couch Dog


One of my business partners and best friends has a simple rule in his house.  He never lets his dog on the couch.


This is a powerful metaphor that we can all apply to our life so hang in there with me as I go through this... 

Manage Your Brain


Ok, first things first.  You are not your brain.  


Your brain is just another organ which is a part of your body, just like your foot is a part of your body.

Be Yourself


Halloween is the only day you can be someone other than yourself.


Live it up on Wednesday and pretend that you are someone that you are not.


But please, every other day, just be yourself.

Psychology of Fence Sitting


How to help your sellers go from thinking about selling” to taking action


Here’s a scenario you might relate to…


An agent says to me “now if I could just get my sellers off the fence I’ll have a really good year.”


I asked her to tell me more.

2017 Zillow Results (and a rant)


Review statistics from 2017 for Zillow plus a little rant from Eric.


"It seems like a lot of Realtors’ attention, time, energy and distraction goes into Zillow for only ......"

Predicting Success


Success leaves clues. And because it leaves clues, it is fairly simple to predict.


During my many years in real estate I have had the opportunity to interact with literally thousands of REALTORS all across the country.   I am consistently struck by the number of high quality, highly successful individuals that are in the real estate business.  I spend considerable time investigating the common patterns in these highly productive people and have determined that we can easily predict any agent’s success with three simple questions.

The ACE Formula to Magnetically Attract Clients


If you want to look good in front of your clients, be a trusted source of information for them, and attract a bunch of referrals...


You are in the right place!

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