Eric Thompson - Founder, The Leading Edge Academy



2.  Realtors who want to coach other Realtors


Maybe you are a brokerage owner who wants to have a dialed in coaching program within your office.


Perhaps you are a manager or mentor within your office and you want to master your coaching skills.


Possibly you are a team leader who wants to provide even more value to your other team members.


It could be that you are a real estate coach or aspiring real estate coach who wants to have all the tools, skills and structure you need to be very successful.



In any case, you will find the Master Real Estate Coach certification program to be the most comprehensive, engaging, results-proven program in the entire industry for coaches.



To be clear, this isn't some passive online class.  This also isn't just a way to become certified to facilitate someone else's video recordings.


This is a full certification program where you acquire every essential coaching skill, receive each effective coaching tool, and have the proven framework to help other people achieve their wildest dreams.

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